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We would like to take this opportunity to say welcome and thank you for selecting Emirates KinderCare Nursery. We look forward to working with you in providing for a positive learning environment for your child.

Emirates KinderCare Nursery is a progressive school that is the legacy of a long and proud tradition of thoughtful the EYFS framework sets the UK standards for learning and school practice of Maria Montessori stretching back since 1907.

We offer a variety of programs and summer school. Emirates KinderCare Nursery is a non-denominational school that has classes for children from 18 months- 4 years of age along with enfant day care from birth to 18 months.

Our nursery offers children progressive British curriculum and Montessori Method of education, in beautifully prepared interior spaces, with inviting outdoor space, while seeking academic excellence naturally. We strive not only for academic excellence but also to create a sense of wonder for a lifelong love of learning at the children's own pace in an authentic Montessori environment.

​Emirates KinderCare Nursery is based on the Proven Authentic Montessori Method, guided by a pre-planned written curriculum designed to be developmentally appropriate, in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Our curriculum is design to create balances between joyful scholarship, independent thinking and research, curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Please note that it is the parent's responsibility to regularly check the handbook for updates.


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